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Virtual Learning Center

Social Security Strategies

After-Tax IRA Contributions and Roth Conversions

How To Invest In A Bear Market

Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA

Your True Life Expectancy May Surprise You!

Long Term Care – Why Your Family Needs A Plan

Don’t Forget the Most Important Part of Retirement Planning!

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Annuities

Roth IRA: Two 5 Year Rules

Free Travel with Credit Card Points

Possible Changes To Social Security

Negative Sequence Risk in Retirement

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Martinsen Wealth Management, LLC is a financial services company that specializes in asset protection and retirement income products and financial planning services. Lane Martinsen is the principal owner of Martinsen Wealth Management, LLC. Martinsen Wealth Management, LLC only offers insurance products and services in states where licensed to do so. Investment advisory services are offered through First Advisors National, LLC (“FAN Advisors”). FAN Advisors is an investment advisor firm registered pursuant to the regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Lane Martinsen is an investment advisor representative of FAN Advisors and is registered to only offer specific advisory services through FAN Advisors. FAN Advisors does not offer insurance services. The FAN Advisors written disclosure document is available upon request; please review it for details regarding advisory services. FAN Advisors and Martinsen Wealth Management, LLC are independently owned and operated.

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