Ethan Holmes


10 Things About Ethan

1. Ethan met his wife, Saydi, when they attended the same religion course at the University of Arizona. They married in the summer of 2023!

2. Ethan grew up camping with friends and hunting with his father. He has always had a love for the great outdoors, and as a Boy Scout of America he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

3. Growing up in the Arizona desert led Ethan to have a curiosity and a love for the water, especially the ocean. Any chance he gets, he will be snorkeling, scuba or free diving.

4. Ethan’s role models have always been his parents and grandparents. Their examples of hard work, resilience, humility and faith are his source of inspiration.

5. In high school, Ethan competed on the swim team and played both football and rugby.

6. Ethan studied finance and business management at BYU-Idaho and Ensign College and continues to love studying and learning about a variety of interesting subjects.

7. Ethan was grateful when the opportunity arose to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in the financial and retirement planning field. He was excited when that path led to the amazing chance to join the Martinsen Wealth Management family.

8. Ethan spent several years living in New York City and Connecticut. He still loves to visit the East Coast with family and will never pass up the chance for a good chopped cheese from an NYC deli.

9. Ethan and Saydi love listening to music together, from all different genres, in both English and Spanish.

10. Ethan has a love for cars, motorcycles and anything with an engine. Though he would love to spend more time on the track, he still loves car shows and weekend backroad cruising.