Lane Martinsen


10 Things About Lane


1. Lane and his wife, Tara, have been married since 1988. They met while attending college at BYU Idaho.

2. Lane was a leader within the Boy Scouts of America for many years. Both of Lane’s sons achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

3. Lane and Tara took a sabbatical/adventure in 2010. They lived near the beach at Playa Conchal in beautiful Costa Rica for one year. During this time, they formed many treasured memories with their five children and were able to provide humanitarian service to the local Tico people whom they grew to love deeply.

4. Lane enjoys skiing with his family and, in his younger years, was somewhat of a ski bum. He and his buddies could be found doing backflips and even double backflips off large ski jumps in the Utah mountains.

5. Lane has lived in Utah, Idaho, Georgia, California, Arizona and Costa Rica. Lane and his family settled in Arizona in 2004.

6. Lane and Tara have been blessed with five children: Alex, Mariah, Abe, Lora and Emma. They now have five wonderful grandsons and three heart-melting granddaughters.

7. After running a half marathon in 2017, he wanted to see how he would do with a full marathon. He ran and finished the Phoenix marathon in 2018. It was a challenging and fun experience but once was enough!

8. Lane embraced technology early when the PC had only a text interface Command (DOS) Prompt in the late ’80s. Lane hired a team of programmers and started a financial technology company in 1999 and has used technology as a tool to analyze and create financial plans for many years.

9. Lane has a weakness for high-quality ice cream and frozen custard. His favorite flavor is butter pecan.

10. Whether providing service through his church, Boy Scouts of America or other nonprofit organizations, giving back to the community is an important focus of Lane’s life.