William Goaslind


10 Things About William

1. William met his wife, Ashley, while the two were vacationing with their respective families in Hawaii. They were married in 2019 in Quebec, Canada, where Ashley is from.

2. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, William developed a great love for the outdoors and the natural beauty of his home state. Growing up, he enjoyed weekends spent camping or hiking with the Boy Scout troop in his area.

3. In 2020, William and Ashley were blessed with the birth of two beautiful children, twins: Ruby and Donovan. Life has never been the same.

4. William loves to learn. He studied finance and business administration at Utah Valley University. He enjoys continuing his education by reading books and listening to educational podcasts focused on money management and obtaining financial freedom.

5. William’s role models in life include both his mother and his father. Through their examples, William was taught the importance of setting elevated goals and then working hard enough to achieve them. As his mother always reminded him, “Great men climb mountains.” He particularly admires the work ethic he witnessed in his father as he juggled his many responsibilities without neglecting his responsibilities at home. William owes everything he is to his parents.

6. William spent several years living in both Mexico City, Mexico, and Montreal, Canada, where he developed a great love for the unique cultures and customs that exist in both countries.

​7. William grew up playing every sport he could enroll in; however, it wasn’t long before he developed a particular affinity for basketball. He enjoys watching and playing the sport when he has the time.

8. A self-proclaimed “taco purist,” William and Ashley enjoy using date night as an excuse to find the most authentic taco in whatever city they are in.

9. In college, William and a group of his friends decided to get their scuba diving certifications. They spent the summer practicing techniques and receiving instruction in large water holes near the Great Salt Lake.

10. William is a problem solver and finds joy in serving others around him. He can often be found under a leaky sink or helping a friend with their auto repairs.